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In the context of market and competitive business environment development, being aware of the benefits of high-performing management, the General Manager of TYD ELAN decided the implementation of the Integrated Management System (quality and environment) – developed in conformance to the SR EN ISO 9001:2008 ‘Quality Management Systems. Requirements’ and SR EN ISO 14001:2005 ‘Environment Management Systems. Requirements’.

The policy of TYD ELAN firmly relies on execution quality, the fulfillment of all customers’ requirements and compliance to all applicable laws and regulations. Implementing this policy in quality and environment fields allows our company to achieve its targets listed below:

  • satisfying our customer performance requirements;
  • delivering products and services of the quality standards listed in the customer’s Acquisition Documentation, applicable rules and standards as well as contracts with nuclear plant owners;
  • providing superior quality services, as an important factor of our attempt to expand the current market segment we address;
  • improving the environment protection performance, ensuring an insignificant level of impact upon the environment;

Click here to view our certification ISO9001-2015.

Click here to view our certification ISO14001-2015.