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Pads, pillows, mats and oil spill containment solutionsare designed for the adsorption of accidental oil leaks in industrial equipments or marine oil spills.They are suitable for substances which are insoluble in aqueous media (oil, petroleum, gasoline, Diesel), as the adsorbents are hydrophobic.


  • Long term resistance ;
  • High absorption capacity;

        baraje absorbante pentru uleiuri           lavete pentru uleiuri

Pads, pillows and absorbent SOCs for hazardous substances absorbents for a wide range of chemicals, including acids and corrosive substances.

        lavete pentru substante periculoase           lavete pentru substante periculoase

Biologic solutions to remove oil stains and leaks off hard surfaces. they consist in a biological enzyme and bacteria mixture which digest and permanently remove oil and lubricant stains. They readily remove stains and oil drips off the following surfaces:
  • industrial components ;
  • electrical components ;
  • flooring, forecourts;
  • asphalt, cement;
  • airfield tracks;
  • railroad gravel;
  • oily water separators.

        solutii biologice pentru pete de ulei           solutii biologice pentru pete de ulei
        bioremediere pentru scurgere de ulei           solutii biologice pentru curatarea podelelor