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  • Laboratory glassware for general use: Berzelius beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, flat/round-bottomed flasks, filtration funnels, weighing dishes and jars, separating funnels, test tubes, reagent bottles, condensers, desiccators etc;
  • Volumetric laboratory glassware: volumetric pipettes, automatic burettes and microburettes, graduated cylinders, graduated flasks, etc.

Laboratory expendables

  • Plastics for laboratory use: Petri dishes, stands, graduated cylinders, sample containers, beakers, storage boxes, trays, graduated flasks, funnels, etc.
  • Filter paper:
    • Laboratory use:
      • Quantitative filter paper,
      • Qualitative filter paper,
      • Chromatography filter paper,
      • pH determination filter paper,
      • Filter paper for applications in beer, wine and sugar industry,
      • Absorbent filter paper for the protection of surfaces against chemical attack,
      • Filter paper for laboratory work surfaces protection - absorbent to chemical, toxic, infectious, aggressive or radioactive products, featured with a PE layer for contaminants containment,
      • Filters for syringes;
      • Filtration membranes – made of cellulose acetate/nitrate, regenerated cellulose, PTFE, polyamide, polycarbonate, polyethersulphone, glass fibres;
    • Medical use:
      • Filter paper for the protection of sterile tools (sterility guaranteed for up to 6 months for proper packing and storage).
      • Neonatal screening paper. Applications: tests for the detection of hereditary diseases, metabolic conditions, etc.
  • Ceramics for laboratory use: crucibles, Buchner funnels, evaporating dishes.